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I love teaching. I learn so much from it, both from my art and process and from my student´s projects and questions. I´m thankful for the thousands of students that have joined me in this journey.  

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In my classes I teach the things that I would have loved to know when I was starting. Also, the new things I learn along the process and think you might be interested in learning too!


Brilliant! One of the best classes on Skillshare! Thank you for introducing me to this amazing new (and FREE!?!!!) (surely not for long!) program, I can’t wait to get experimenting!
— Amber Ravenscroft (student)
My favorite thing about this class is the demonstration of 3 techniques using gouache which shows just how versatile this medium is. The artwork Sandra produces in all the techniques is gorgeous. My favorite is the oil blended technique, a difficult skill to understand without demonstration, but Sandra explains how to achieve it with simple exercises. After watching this class, it feels like the techniques are perfectly achievable and it makes me want to break out my paint box and brushes. Sandra’s classes are always a treat and this one is no exception!
— Sophia Caldwell (Student)
In this class Sandra shares her innovative, “non-color theory” approach to understanding the colors in your palette and to selecting harmonious color palettes for your projects. Sandra even provides blank templates so you can easily complete your own chart(s). Excellent class ... highly recommend! Thank you, Sandra! PS I have always disliked my tube of DS Buff Titanium; I think that mentality is about to change—love your pastel color wheel! :)
— Jo C. (Student)
Loved the lesson! It was very well structured and easy to follow. The design and flow of the lesson was engaging and pleasing. Also I learned some bonus stuff. I was mind-blown when I learned I could move layers by pixel, I had been struggling for so long. Thank you.
— Tina K. (Student)
Sandra Bowers explains the process step by step to make a really great acryllic painting... her explainations on the medium and the surface are really good.
— Fabian Barreto (Student)
Great class! Sandra definitely makes this doable. I’ll be working on my project and adding it here soon. I’m excited by the possibilities. Her teaching style is just what I needed because she makes it clear and actionable in small bites. I feel I can definitely do this.
— Gabby Conde (Student)
Thanks for a showing a clear and easy way to use this App. I’ve had it for a while now, but never tried it. You’ve demonstrated that just using familiar tools we can easily create original vectors, using an interface that i actually like.
— Sand Oei (Student)
Great class and instructor to teach this wonderful class! I learned a lot from this Procreate class with bringing my sketches to life! This is a class if you are curious about how to get the most out of Procreate. Highly recommend!
— Lisa Hawkins (Student)
Very clear & helpful instructions. This is very helpful if you are a newby in the surface pattern design business and want to create your portfolio .
— Sue Mason (Student)